Work Related

DP #0010

Dear Period,

When I have a presentation to conduct at work, and I feel your lovely presence "arrive" early, I'm quite certain that my co-workers, although mostly men, must find my facial expressions rather extraordinary.

You suck,

B. E.

Dear B.E.,

Honey if you honestly think I give a rats ass about your little work presentation you are more incompetent than ever before. 

Get a grip,



DP #0012

Dear Period,

Thank you for making me an emotional wreck while at work...PSYCH.  Just cried under my desk in my office for very limited reasons, one of which was definitely related to chocolate.  UGH.  I hate you for reinforcing gender stereotypes.


Dear Anonymous,

How dare you attempt to place your chocolate desire blame on me.  Besides, crying under your desk is just my bloody way of showing you that you really should just leave work early today.




DP #0018

Dear Period,

Can you please chill out on the heavy flow, yo? I'm afraid my co-workers think I have the shits today. There are offices on all sides of the bathroom and I am getting funny looks every time I walk in the door... which is seriously every 23.5 minutes.


Wishing for a Michelob Ultra Flow

Dear Wishing for a Michelob Ultra Flow,

Keep on wishing my dear.  Don't you know there is power in making people wonder.  And trust me, people are wondering what the hell you're doing in that bathroom.  This is a powerful gift, and it is my gift to you.

I'll toast to that!





Dear Period,

When I'm at work chatting with some lady friends and an annoying dude comes by and asks what we're talking about - I say "Our periods" and they always take off. I still hate you period but thank you for that. You're not a total bitch.

Dear Chatty,

I'm glad you've seen the light.  There will be a day that you find yourself reminiscing about me with your lady friends, and there will be a fondness in your voice.  I sense your love and hate, but just know this Chatty, you can use me to your advantage.