Monthly Dear Period Story

Dear Period,

That first day of freshman year of high school when B. C. (yes an upper classman) asked me to lunch, you just had to appear to wreck my confidence. You chose to appear as he and I were talking inside of his car.  Thank lord for black seats.  Needless to say, he never asked me out again...

Fuck you Period!

A. M.

Dear A. M.,

Confidence wrecker?  Oh come now, that seems harsh.  Besides, I knew that B. C. wasn't into you.  



Monthly Dear Period Story

Dear Period,

Even though you give me camps that make me feel like someone is stabbing me in my uterus, thank you for not being as bad as some others. We have a long journey ahead of us and I know you’ll be there whenever I need you the least.




Dear JT,

Why thank you for understanding me! Hugs to you honey.

I know I can be a tad impolite, have poor timing, bring on pain among many other “emotions” but hey, I like to be heard. Your first challenge is succumbing to the fact that you need to understand me. Next challenge? Learn how to work me over to work my best for you. A few tips...this includes nutrition, exercise and you time.



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