Period Product Reviews

Dear Period recently reviewed three period products out there, each different in their own bloody way.  Read up and see what product might fit your needs!

If you’re unfamiliar with the LOLA product ( the product is 100% organic cotton feminine care delivered to your doorstep.  Dear Period is a recent new user of both the tampons and pads of LOLA, including a subscription service.  First of all, getting product delivered right to your address of choice is fabulous.  The delivery service literally takes little planning, and recalling about your stash of product is out of the equation. 

Now let’s discuss the best friggin’ part of LOLA…customized assortment.  Say what?  Yep, that’s right…my box of organic tampons is assorted to meet my va-jay-jay’s bloody behavior.  Hello tampon love.  Dear Period also recently used the LOLA product a backpacking trip with excellent ease.  Ever backpack while Aunt Flo rears her ugly head?  Uh-huh, it sucks.  But having LOLA there with me every step of the way was wonderful.

And let’s consider organic product.  Have you ever thought about what you are putting in or around your va-jay-jay?  Well shuga, maybe you should consider or reconsider…Dear Period gives LOLA a big high five and would recommend the product to every menstruating body!

Let me start out by saying I’m a dry gal. I grew up using tampons, so when I decided to try THINX Period Underwear  ( I knew I would be outside of my comfort zone.

I love the concept of THINX, (There are other brands of period underwear out there too, like KNIX).  They’re liberating, convenient, and reduce waste (my favorite part). They come in accessible sizes and different styles, with various absorbencies.

Everything about them is great, except they’re messy, or at least I was after using them. On my heaviest day, every time I pulled down my THINX, bloody smears marked my inner thighs. Repeat a few times and you can imagine. I also wasn't comfortable with the moistness, but as I said I'm a dry gal.  THINX is a great product. As with anything new, it takes a little practice and patience. I should have started with these:

1) Don't try them for the first time at work. Easy enough.

2) Have a back up pair of THINX in case your flow is unexpectedly heavier. And a plastic bag to place your soiled pair in. Simple.

3) Bring baby wipes with you to work to clean up. Cake.

With a few new strategies in place, I plan to give THINX another shot.

If you have not experienced a menstrual cup, the DivaCup ( is the most awarded go-to product on the market.  Dear Period gave the reusable cup a try which came with some ups and downs.

Absolutely adore the concept of's a game changer from traveling to planning longer term events to dealing with your period while at work to making your purse a more lovely place.

The ups:  twelve, yes up to twelve hours of protection, the ability to be truly sustainable, and the feeling of cleanliness in and around your va-jay-jay.

The downs:  there are two sizes and by all means reach out to a DivaCup representative to discuss sizing as well as insertion prior to messing around with your va-jay-jay!  Getting used to a cup can take a few tries, trust us.

Tips:  try out a DivaCup before any trip, even just a road trip, as ensuring your comfort is key to sticking to a sustainable feminine product.  Dear Period gives out a giant karate kick to the product!


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