Why The F Did I Wear White

DP #0006

Dear Period,

White tennis skirt...sophomore year, playing in a state championship doubles match, and yes, while wearing a white tennis skirt (mandatory uniform), my Period decides to rear its' fire-red head.  Screw you Period...probably the reason the match was lost!


Dear Anonymous,

Well, boo double hiss, you lost the match because of your talent darling.  Let's face it, I'm incredibly vain, and just wanted to be seen.




DP #0016

Dear Period,

8th grade graduation party, we were all outside celebrating and C.W. and I decided to climb the fence of the neighboring park district pool, and jump in fully clothed. The entire class promptly followed us. While sitting in a room waiting for our punishment I got my period in soaking wet white shorts. ?

Still Embarrassed.

Dear Still Embarrassed,

I think you should be grateful.  This is a life lesson ... don't wear white shorts. Everyone who wears white shorts should be punished.

Your Period Fashionista



Dear Period,

You make my life suck. You force me to take pills and wear extra super plus tampons just to be able to function. You make dance and circus a living hell, and not to mention the white costumes.


Dear White Costume,

Ohh I do love entertainment, especially dance! When I ruin a costume it's just my sign to you that I like to dress up too shuga. Maybe incorporate some red into the routine to make me feel included?

On the heavy flow front, I do sincerely apologize. Some months I need to let out a shout more than other months. I'm sure you can relate.

Let's work on some costume coordination, what do you say?