Ohhh Period...

Ohhh Period…

DP# 0001

Dear Period,

We've known each other quite some time now.  Let's be honest, I'm done.


Dear Anonymous,

Are you quitting?  Not so fast my dear.  I will continue to mess with you for a few more years, just for fun.  Bwhahahaha




DP# 0002

Dear Period,

Never have I really grown fond.  And please do not rear your big ugly head while I'm on vacation.

A. H.

Dear A. H.,

We are co-dependent.  And like any true co-dependent relationship, I'm going to rear my ugly head at the worst possible time.

Hugs and Cramps,



DP #0005

Dear Period,

Your lack of keeping "time" is atrocious.

Hate you, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Keeping time is for sissies and control freaks.




DP #0007

Dear Period,

Thank you for making me the woman I am today.  I hate you.  I appreciate the bigger boobs.  Eat that sandwich!

T. A.

Dear T.A.,

You are oh so welcome for the bigger boobs shuga.  Here to help monthly until the day I die.

Ha, ha, ha



DP #0009

Dear Period,

Never again shall I be fooled into drinking RED wine in hopes that such action will help with the cramps you provided.  You suck!


Dear Anonymous,

Cramps are just hugs from me indicating how much I adore you.

Much love



DP #0019

Dear Period,

Was it really necessary to visit my while I have food poisoning?  I mean...aren't the fever, and chills, and diarrhea enough?  Did you think a reminder of my fertility would cheer me up?  Really?


Food Poisoning Recover Victim

Dear Food Poisoning Recovery Victim,

While I'm sorry to hear of your food poisoning experience, I must remind you that I prevail over most of your bodily conditions.  I will not be forgotten or worse, underestimated in a time of duress.  I'm an attention fiend and proud of it.

Cuddles and cramps,




Dear Period,

I did the math. I could build a small school for girls in Africa for the amount of money I spend in a month on tampons and pads. If you're willing to let me skip a month I'll contact Oprah. I know someone who knows someone who knows her.


Dear MV,

I invest in you, you invest in me.  It's a symbolic relationship.  And not one that you need to get other people involved in, especially Oprah.  I recall some sort of scandal with her school…I'm pretty sure you don't want to rehash that my friend.  So there you have it, don't mistreat me, it isn't worth it. 

Keep investing,

Love Period



Dear Period,

My extremely patient husband doesn't understand how after 34 years and 408 periods I'm still caught off guard, frustrated and confused by you. How do I explain to him your twisted &/£#$% mind?

Help in Phoenix

Dear Help in Phoenix,

I like to keep things spicy.  One of my greatest strengths is the element of surprise - even though you shouldn't be surprised.  Admit it, once you realize why you're feeling off, frustrated, there's a sense of sisterhood with me?  You get a wave of familiarity that can't be explained.  You will miss me one day.  Until then, celebrate me. 

Your closest friend,




Dear Period,

Why do you play favorites? My sister has a scratch every month and I have a crime scene. I hate you.

Sister Envy

Dear Sister Envy,

I don't play favorites.  You should know this by now.  You should also thank me, I make you stand apart from your sister.  Something most siblings dream of.  In fact I think you're lucky. 

Your welcome, 




Dear Period,

Why do you drop for days on end after you should be gone. Just to ruin every pair of undeis I have?!


Dear Drip,

You've got it all wrong. This was my subtle way of telling you that you need new underwear (and have for a while). I'm actually doing you a favor my friend. Now you have the excuse, trust me, otherwise you would have felt a little frivolous.

Remember we're a team. I've got your back, so to speak.




Dear Period,

Day 12...really? Is there any chance this might be overkill? My husband asked me to let you know that he has needs. Does that even matter to you? Me neither.

Bring it,


Dear Anonymous,

We all have needs my dear. I'm not sure if you forgot, but mine come first. And right now I'm feeling a little needy. If this mood continues you may be seeing me more frequently. I haven't decided just yet.

Please warn your husband so he can mentally prepare. You may want to remind him that you and I have been together a long time. And right now I'm still steering this ship. So hands off the wheel hubby, it's mine.




Dear Period,

Why are you so irregular you leave me on edge every month! When you come you make it feel like I'm being stabbed in the back and stomach and then come the heaviest you possibly can! Why don't you just come when your supposed to are you playing games with me?


Oh Irregular,

I like to keep you on your toes. Where's the fun in every 28 days ... BORING. I like spontaneity and when I arrive, I want it to be known. No subtle spotting my dear. I'm passionate and thrive off attention. Sometimes in life you just need to accept the situation and go with the flow.

With love,




Hey, Period!

So you aren't here right now, but you will be soon, and you're already making everything ~down there~ a little smelly. Please stop. It makes me feel gross.

Thank you, see you in a week


Dear Madd,

Girl we need to talk. I know you think it's me, but I'm a cleaner (like Leon Montana in The Professional, if you catch my drift). People like to blame me for everything and I'm tired of it. I like to make my presence known, but not in that way. Seriously something is off, so stop looking at me as the culprit and get that checked out!


Leon (aka Period)



Dear Period,

When you showed up in my life at 12, I couldn't be prouder. I felt like a "real woman". Well, I changed my mind about two days later because you are quite a pain in the ass. But still, we had quite a reasonably okay time together for years. You kicked my uterus a few times and bled all over my nice panties but I still appreciated you. But recently, I felt like you and I have fallen apart. I don't get it ! You're giving me such a hard time that I'm kinda angry at you. Why are you giving me all these back pains, stomach pains, nausea, hot flashes, mood swings, digestive problems (yeah, sorry not sexy but we NEED to talk about that).. ?? Not cool, girl.

PS : you'll have to excuse my approximate English, it's not my first language.

Your ex-friend

Real Woman,

You should know that I’m not one for complacency. We got too comfortable so I had to make some changes. Maybe I’m coming on a bit strong, but I got your attention, didn’t I? And I like attention. Okay I’ll give you a little hint, there are a few things you do to minimize my impacts; exercise, limit caffeine intake … the standard stuff. Word on the street is that a few drops of basil, rosemary, and marjoram essential oil mixed with aloe vera and rubbed into the belly slowly can help. I don’t want to hear you ask “What have you done for me lately?”, deal?
We’re in this for the long haul. Don’t assume that it will always be smooth sailing. Change is natural, a good thing. It keeps you on your toes.



Dear Period,

My period hates me. She ruins my best underwear, she ruins my sheets, she makes my back hurt. Dear Period, why do you hate me?


Dear Anonymous,

No, no, no, You've got it all wrong. I don't hate you. I just want you to know that I'm here. Well, truth be told, I like to remind you of our pecking order so you don't get too big for your period britches. Lets be honest I am the powerful one.

Speaking of pants, sometimes those panties I ruin need to be ruined - just saying.

Your friend until menopause,



Dear Dear Period..
First of all I'm so happy that I finally got to talk to you ,well I don't know why I love you even if you are the worst ! Maybe because you make me feel like I'm a female but sweetheart you make me suffer for real , you are the worst thing ever but I love you , lately you've been a little nicer to me , please keep it this way , and if you wanna visit , make sure to not come the mornings because I hate it , I prefer the evenings . And ONE more thing, you can play with my hormones as much as you want they're all yours but please don't play with appetite.
Love you ,


Dearest Nouha,

I'm blushing! Your sweet sentiment just made my month. I'm glad we're in this together for the long haul until menopause.

I know I can be disruptive, but I dance to the beat of my own drum. No promises on your asks, I'll entertain them. The problem is that I like to arrive early so you can plan your day around me, it makes me feel special. I also like to throw in the occasional curve ball, perhaps cramps and back pain one month but not the next just to keep it exciting, since long term relationships can get stale. And the appetite thing, well that's non-negotiable. I like to indulge.

I know loving me can hurt, but in the big picture of things were not talking about that many days each year. I say we have a pretty good thing going here.

Your loving friend,




Dear Period,

Why do you always want to come at the worst time? At soccer tryouts, vacations, at the beach....why? I don’t hate you but I just wish you would be more considerate about my life.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Me,

SPOILER ALERT - I want to be part of the fun and excitement. I like to kick back on the beach just as much as you do. I get excited for soccer tryouts too. So I may be a little selfish at times, but I am not trying to be inconsiderate. I just having this uncanny knack for timing. It's one of my greatest strengths. I think it's sort of endearing - don't you? Just a little??

I'm always cheering for you on the sidelines Me.

Your friend,



Dear Period,

You are beautifully red and I love you. But, you're painful. You make me lethargic at work.

Don't do this to me.

I love you

A body that menstruates

My Menstruating Friend,

I love you too. I know my love hurts at times, but I am rather obsessed with attention. I like to make my arrival and presence known, it keeps our relationship in balance, and I'm all about balance. Think of cramps and lethargy as our game of menstruation. An internal volley; sure you have cramps and you feel lethargic, but you still function, you still get up in the morning, you still work, therefore you are amazing and strong. One day I hope it boosts your I can do anything attitude.

I am beautiful, aren't I?




Dear Period,

You took me by surprise the first time, but I guess that's your MO. It's been over 10 years since we've first encountered and every month I'm kind of glad to see you again. You never caused me too much pain but if you could leave the headaches you bring at home, that would be a blessing. I've started using cups to support you even better. Thank you period, for making me a woman. I hope there will be time when you go on vacation for a few months and I can get a baby in return. If you do, I'll gladly welcome you back and make sure there's extra chocolate lying around when you do!



Dearest Eline,

Your kind words warm my heart.  I love my visits and I love that you feel like a woman when I arrive.  I think we've had a good run so far, I say we keep it up.  I'm sure we can work out a deal, especially if you throw in those chocolates.  Keep taking care of yourself and in turn me.  

Oh, the headaches, I can't promise that I'll ease up on those.  It's the closest thing I have to wearing a tiara my friend.  And I do like a bit of the bling.

Your friend,




Dear Period,

Fuck you.

Yours, Simi

Oh Simi,

Really? I thought we were friends? I get that you get frustrated with me, but c'mon. You don't want to make me mad, trust me. How about this, next time you say "fuck you" to me just a "but I still love you"? That's all it would take to keep me happy.

Your friend - like it or not,




Dear Period,

I had gotten you on a Friday, wearing light wash jeans. My friend had seen you, but I didn’t. I didn’t notice you came till my mom spotted you bleeding through my pants. It was funny for me lol because I thought it was ketchup, and I was excited to get you.

And the rest of you ladies, don’t call your period gross. Respect your period. Your period gives you cramps and stuff, but don’t act like it’s a bad thing that you got it. I love my period, although it hurts VERY MUCH. Some women did not get their period, and they’re scared that they won’t become a mom. Please love and respect your period.


Girl - you are on point. And to those other ladies, there's no need to be salty, love and respect is where it's at.

I'm glad we're in this together,




Dear Moon Time,

I’m so in love with you. It wasn’t always like that. When I first met you it was one of the most exciting moments in my life. I felt like I was blooming into my womanhood. Later on as the years passed I just learned to make you into an inconvenience, this was just patriarchy, it had taken a hold of me. But darling, now I so LOVE and appreciate the sweet red nectar of divine feminine lunar love that you truly are. You are what makes me a magical, wild, creative creature. You are what brings me inside my womb allowing me to rest amidst a world that tells me to never stop doing. You are my bridge to higher states of consciousness. Red the color of a warrior Goddess, that’s what you remind me that I am. Because I bleed and I don’t die. I am magic, a warriores of love and truth.

I love you.


Dear Warrior Goddess,

You understand me.

You value me.

You humble me.

There are no words that can truly express my joy over your sentiment.

Thank you,

Your Divine Feminine Lunar Love (aka Period)



Dear Period,

Why do you have to cramp so bad?!?


Dear Cramps,

Let me first send out the well known olive branch for the cramping sensation. And at the same time share that those cramps you are feeling are my way of working out your uterus and ensuring that the proper blood and oxygen are running a marathon. Next time my assertive cramps bother you, try some raspberry tea to help soothe my marathon jaunt. Oh just wait shuga, I'm a basket full of surprises constantly seeking my moment to shine like a diamond in the ruff.

Love you darling,




Dear Period,

Hi I just wanted to say we should be proud of our period


Dear Lover of Me,

Your message truly makes me blush darling. Yes, we should be proud of our period. As well as embrace, nurture and more importantly respect.

Much love,



Dear my friend Period...

Your my hardest hello but my favorite goodbye, I mean I should give you some credit for making me into a woman and helping me use excuses to eat extra chocolate and Ice cream!!! I thank you for letting me know I am not pregnant but I do not thank you for staining my expensive underwear though, altough I do hope that one day in the future you go for let’s say 9 months and when you arrive I’d of had a little bundle of joy all because you didn’t arrive 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that we don’t give you enough credit for making us women (p.s. please stop my cramps and headaches)


Dear Favorite Player,

Yes, please do give credit when overdue love, you know I deserve it. This thing called "us" is a long haul filled with womanhood, cramps, pregnancy potential, headaches and more importantly anything you want it the relationship to contain.

Perhaps taking the approach of cherishing me minus the favoritism will bring us closer. Be warned, as I age, I tend to get a little nasty. Take care of me now to ease into that phase of "us".




Well hey,
First of all you should be happy I didn't write this yesterday 😐
Once upon a time, back when I didn't really know what you were I prayed for you almost every single night. Then on the 29th of October (not sure which year), I sat on the toilet seat looked down and low and behold it was you! I ran to my mother's room very excited all she did was point at her cupboard and mention I should pack an extra pair of pants (I don't blame her tho it was 6 a.m. ). From that day I made it my mission to learn about you the good, the bad, and the UGLY.
Our journey together started off realll smooth, that didn't last long tho; a year or so into our relationship you kind of became a pain. I mean how do you go from 3 painless days to 7 days a month plus side effects 🙃 I felt betrayed I had put so much work into building our "bond" only for you to come knocking at my door every single month, mad that I'm not pregnant...I mean really?
Your coming has brought out so much in me over the years, whether you believe it or not it's opened up a couple of opportunities for me. We've crossed so many bridges since my first "bad" period that now, (as long as it's not day 1) I receive you as a reminder of my womanhood and how proud of it I should be 🙂 I have had conversations about you and your fellow friends with males and females older and younger than me. I mean you and I have bonded over watermelon, hot water bottles and law series, no one else would do that with me. Also you hold some of my most embarrassing moments with you but I know that you can keep a secret. I am now confident in my being she thanks to you.
I've called you so many names some fitting others a tad bit off, but now I am proud to call you My Period.

I appreciate you,

Dear Ciku,

You make my heart melt. Our bond is greater than any other bond you or I will ever endure. Like any co-dependent relationship (yes, I'm willing to admit my dependecy on you honey), there are many ups and downs. I'm sure the feeling is reciprocal...love and appreciate you.

Let's avoid sugar coating things, as we all know by now how bad sugar is for anyone. There will be more pain. There will be more embarassing moments. There will be headaches. There will be moments of complete humor to share with all species. There will also be happy and sad moments between the two of us. All of which requires a great understanding and bond.

Blood sisters forever,



Dear Period,

I am glad I have you but since I’ve been on birth control you’ve been a horrible mess causing all these very pain cramps and going through supers in minutes , these headaches aren’t helping either and these mood swings girl you gotta get under control. I love you though you give me excuses to miss school eat plenty of my favorite junk foods and so on. You make me feel very feminine when I talk about you I am proud of you.


Dear Feminine,

Blush, you're welcome! But I must admit, I'm a tad concerned about headaches and mood swings given a pill to assist in regulating me. Please, please mention those symptoms to your physician as masking anything is always a poor policy in my mind.

Oh, and on the ditching school and eating junk food...careful honey. Pick those ditch days wisely, there will come a day when those are far and few between. Skip the junk food in my opinion, and cozy up to a mug of hot raspberry tea when I get moody or crampy. You may see a different side of me.




Dear Period,

First of all, why do you like to come twice a month? It's bad enough I have to see you once, but twice? Not fair. Second of all, why is it that every time I do see you, you insist on making me feel like I have acid in my uterus? I thought we were friends.


Dear Number Two,

Once a month just isn't enough for me right now. Can't you see my adoration for you? True love honey, true love.

Now wait a second...acid in the uterus? You speak from experience...now you have intrigued me! All kidding aside, we are friends. We are going to be friends for quite some time, so let's begin with some compliments for one another as an olive branch. Personally, I think red looks fabulous on you. Your turn...




Dear Period,

I hate that you're so irregular and pop up anytime you feel like it. I tried all sorts of apps to track you, but somehow you still find a way to come by surprise. You make me second guess myself of being pregnant... When I know I'm not! I don't like you most of the time, but when you don't come for months at a time and all of a sudden pop up again.. I appreciate you and realized I missed you. *Even though you ruined my cute undies* Hahaha. Thank you also for not giving me any pain... Or crazy symptoms. I love/hate you girl.


Dear Love Hate,

Hate is such a strong word, don't you think? I prefer Love honey, it's what makes the world go 'round. Enough of that sappiness, let's get down to business on calling me irregular...being on-time all the time is asking for quite a bit in my humble opinion; besides, a little spontaneity goes a long way in my book, shuga.

Maybe surprise me with opting to go on a birth control pill to "control" me, get it? The nonstop body changes of exercise, nutrition, hormones, etc...can all contribute to me being irregular. A steady mix of exercise and clean nutrition may help me get back to being on-time, and in all honestly please do go speak to a gynecologist about other ways to "control" me. You are my supervision and like it or not, you are the boss of me. Ugh, that hurts to say...

Until whenever I choose to show up,



Dear Period,

You are a bit of a jerk, you give me headaches and all of your responses are kind of mean. I don't even want kids so I really wish you didn't exist


Dear Someone,

A jerk? C'mon, now that is mean. I'm hurt...nah not really, but you never know when I may retaliate with a nasty headache or cramps so tread lightly there, Someone. Wishing me to not exist seems rather one-sided, don't you think? I exist to make you more of a woman honey.

Until next month, ta-ta



Dear Period

Hi. I just wanted to say sometimes we do not like each other. But I love you. And at least I'm not pregnant. Thank you for everything.


My Friend,

I know we don't always get along, it's the natural ebb and flow (crimson) of relationships. My job is a simple one, I am at your service.




Dear Period,

I like you. No wait! I hate it when you don't show yourself up sometime. And i miss those extra bars of chocolates and a hot water bottle beside my bed every time. I feel the thrill of womanhood. But those extra cringes on my body and headaches makes me go eww! But never mind please do wave me every month on the right time. I love uh anyway 😘


Dear Hold The Cocoa,

Well hello there darling, what a lovely message. I like you too. But a tip there friend...that chocolate is really not what I'm looking for between us. I do like a yummy tea, and if cramping, a raspberry tea can do wonders. The hot water bottle is lovely, similar to a cozy blanket.

Sorry for the extra body aches. But I cannot promise those will subside. Let's just keep this line of communication open, and see where our desires take us?

Much love shuga,



Dear Period,

To you, my womanhood.

You arrive at the wrong times, if at all, go months without greeting me and remind me often of my loneliness, remind me your absence isn’t the presence of something bigger and made from love, but just absence. But I do love you. It’s empowering to bleed. Empowering to shed and rebuild.
Then I realized it was women, not men, who I preferred. Now, I am reminded that you being there is not an absence of love and children, but the strength of being a woman. I learn your arrival is never feared nor a relief, it is just part of life. Everything you can do, I can do bleeding, right?
Love you !


Dear Empowered,

I’ve often wondered about this concept of unconditional love. I think your love for me embodies it perfectly. And while you needed time to find your path to understanding and appreciating me, I knew you’d get there eventually. I’m proud knowing we’re united and that you recognize my value. I work hard to bring you balance and renewal. I’m amazing, if I do say so myself.

Your amazing friend,




Dear Period,
Honestly you make my life difficult so uh sorry to ask but- WHY DO YOU HAVE TO EXIST PLEASE LEAVE ME


Dear Difficult Friend,

Leave you? Now that’s humorous. NEVER! Let’s look at this holistically: you need me and I need you, well at least your uterus. Play nice and share

Until next month,



Dear Period,

I hate you sooo much. You make a good year horrible , a good month hurtful, a good week painful, and a good day distressful. Days I wanna be happy and spend time with people I cant because of you, you make me uncomfortable, you put me threw so much pain I cant enjoy a simple meal. There are days I go without a meal because of you. You put me in the feelings and I'm so sensitive when your around, you make me yell at people I respect dearly why would anyone do that to anyone. You ruin people clothes as if you pay for them especially my under wears. Don't get me started on all the bed sheets you ruined to. I know you come for several good reason but i rather choose another option then have to deal with you like for example watery nipples or a S**** load of discharge.!!!!!!! Sorry to break it to yah but you should be put in jail for making someone go threw soo much.

P/S Your Bystander Amin!!!!!!!

Dear Bystander,

Well that was an earful, my goodness. Phew, now that you have expressed your real feelings toward me, let's move on, what do you say? You and I are in this for the long haul shuga, and we may as well have some respect for each other as that may just blossom into something greater. I love surprises...especially those that involve me!

A few tips of advice for any pain or discomfort...look up good foods to eat and avoid sugar when I'm about to roar. Exercise always, but especially on day one! And your body, as do I, love teas...drink up honey.

Much respect,



Hi Period,
I hate you so much. You mess with my emotions and cause me a great deal of pain... but at least I get chocolate!! You have ruined so many pairs of expensive underwear it’s unbelievable!! And you make me cry at everything and shout all the time! I can’t go swimming for my big galas and I feel like I can’t get out of bed!
The only good side to you is I know I’m not pregnant!

Anonymous xoxo

Dear Anonymous,

Hate, really? So I’ve ruined a few pairs of underwear and make you a little emotional now and then. How about looking at the big picture? I’m a fine tuned process, a marker of your overall health, and a great excuse when you need it (Who loves chocolate? We do!).

So before you push me to the curb let’s take a deep breath, step away from the tears, and value me for what I am -AMAZING. Who else can do what I do for you month after month? Embrace the hormonal fluxes because we have a ride ahead of us and I’d rather we be mutually respectful, and you recognize how AMAZING I am. Oops did I already say how AMAZING I am? Humble I am not, but you knew that.

Your dedicated friend,




Dear Period,

I was at hotel for my job and when I woke up when the alarm went off I felt all wet down there so I jumped up to go to the ladies room I had gotten my period over night so I cleaned my self up and when I went back into the bed room I had bled all over the sheets I was so afraid I just made the bed and left I know I should have told a cleaning crew but I was ashamed


Dear Afraid,

You should never be ashamed of me! I'm a bold and beautiful testament to your womanhood and health. My arrival may not have been the best timing, but when is it? So next time, own it and be proud girl.

Your friend,


Dear Period,

I woke up and you like attacked me. I ruined my underwear. I know you are natural but why do you hurt me so much?


Dear Anonymous,

Attack, really it was that bad? I don't mean to come on so strong, it's a fine balance to coordinate my arrival. I mean I like being the center of your attention and all, but jeez, words like "attack" and "hurt" are rough. Be patient with me, okay?

Your friend,



I hope you die since I don't even want to have kids and yet you still have to bleed??? God it sucks and it hurts and feels uncomfortable and I hope my period (YOU) die.


Dear Death Wisher,

Die? A little harsh honey. Look, I know I can be a pain and quite uncomfortable at times but wishing my death chokes me up.

Let’s face it...I’m here to stay whether you want kids or not. I’m hear to bring you into womanhood which is quite magical if I do say so myself.

Cheers to more good times



Why do you always give me horrible mood swings and bloating? 🙁 we were once good friends, no pain and a carefree five days! You've turned toxic x

Love from VP x

Dear Bloating,

Oh dear, it seems we may have stepped out of sync? And crap...my perfection of carefree living hit a bump in the road!

Let’s run down our list to get back on track, as bloating and mood swings could be a needed nutritional adjustment. And always exercise on my arrival date...trust me.

The last thing I want to be is toxic.

Looking forward to our next adventure,



Dear Period,

Why do you always come when I least expect it or when I have a dance competition and also why do you hurt so f*&king much ah the pain ah


Dear Dance,

I like the element of surprise my friend, why should you have all the fun? Anyhow, I give you hints that I coming. You could start planning around me, and oh how I love to be the center of your attention.

Hugs and cramps,



Dear Period,

You make me feel gross. You make me want to lay in bed all day. You make me feel humiliated and give me cramps. You suck. And I don’t feel as confident when your around. And for that, I hate you, cause no one should ever feel like they’re not beautiful. Ever. But you somehow manage to do that. You give me headaches and make my boobs hurt, what kind of person are you? I wish you could just go away forever and never return. Why do you gotta do this to me? What did I ever do to you?!

Sincerely, you did this to me, so F&*k you


Dear Beautiful,

I'm sorry, what is the problem? What is wrong with laying in bed all day? Trust me, there will come a day when you thank me for your much needed rest.

My arrival is a direct challenge to you to become more confident...think about it. A bleeding woman goes about her normal day with cramps, headaches, and most certainly sore boobs, and can still be powerful, beautiful and confident.

For the time being, the hatred and fuck yous are ignored. You will come around and eventually love me.




Dear Period,

Why , why do you have to come and cause me pain and stained clothes , all i want is just a few months without you wrecking my clothes.  And plus you make school hell , I’m constantly scared I’m gonna leak , and cramps are a b*tch.


Dear Anonymous,

I'm going to let you in on a secret, women are tough. The fact they function while bleeding, should never be overlooked or underestimated - YOU ARE A BAD-ASS. So instead of being pissed off at me for ruining some underwear, be proud that you're bleeding and tough.

Love and cramps,



Dear Period,

Just wanted to let you know you suck!

Love anonymous

Oh to the contrary my dear - I am amazing, a powerful crimson tide. Strong and beautiful.

So what's got you so worked up? A few panties ruined? Cramps? Back ache? Please, that's nothing in comparison to what I do for you each month - delicately balancing your hormones, I'm a fined tuned wonder. So slow down with the slander, I don't suck. And if you continue to think that I suck, well let's just say I don't think making me angry is a good idea.

Your pal,



Dear Period,

Boy do I sure hope you come this month, I'm begging you.  Usually you come when I don't want you to and now you're late, girl.
Why are you playing with my feelings?


Dear Anxious,

Hold on a second, I’m not playing with your feelings. If I’m late, it’s for a good reason. Before you get too upset, are you tracking me? Making notes of things that can throw me off?
If not, I wish you would. It could make our relationship work a lot better.

So back to my arrival, getting stressed isn’t going to help - I don’t like the pressure.

Your friend,



Dear Period,

You are irregularly regular. For the first five months, you arrive towards the beginning of the month and then you take a month gap. Then, you decide to switch over towards the end of the month for the remaining six months. Why do you do this?
Also, you are insufferably painful. You leave my lower back aching and you irritate me. My uterus hurts. I am always bloated. Why? Why is the vagina compared to a "flower?" Nothing about a period is delicate.
But, Period, I need you. Without you, I am paranoid. I truly and honestly need you so please don't leave until you have to.


Dear Irregular,

I’m glad you need me, I like being needed. I know I can be a pain sometimes, but all friends are that way, don’t you think? Look at it like this - I’m getting used to you, you’re getting used to me. It will take me time to figure out which schedule I like.

Once we get in the flow of things, I bet you see the beauty of my crimson arrival.

Be patient irregular.