Finally An Understanding...

Finally An Understanding…


Dear Period,

All I can say is that I’ve changed my opinion on you. I used to hate you but part of me thinks why should I?! It is annoying that you’re here but only because I get really bad cramps and PMS! Have any tips for dealing with them?? I’m also too scared to tell my boyfriend because I’m quite young- I’m 12. And I’m not sure what he will think but he must get a bit curious if I’m ill every month at about the same time. Please give advice for a young girl dealing with her period.
Thanks for spoiling my new Calvin kleins this morning!
Anonymous xxx

Dear Anonymous,

Well I'm glad we've got the not hating me part figured out. Now ways for dealing with my arrival, hmmm you're in luck because I'm feeling all the love between us. It's quite simple really -exercising, limiting caffeine, and getting enough sleep can help. Did you know that during exercise your body releases endorphins, which act as natural painkillers? I heard that a few drops of basil, rosemary, and marjoram essential oil mixed with aloe vera and rubbed into the belly slowly, can help too. As for PMS, well it's PMS.

Whoa, I'm not one to give advice about boys, periods are my thing. Hopefully you have a solid older female in your life that you can talk with? And definitely talk your girl friends about all things period.

Sorry about the jeans.



Dear Period,

I feel bad for treating you so horribly lately.  I have talked about you as a burden not a healthy part of becoming a woman. I am sorry for not realizing how great you are.


Dear Anonymous,

Now that’s what I’m talking about sister. Thank you.

Your loyal companion,



Dear Period,

Even though you give me camps that make me feel like someone is stabbing me in my uterus, thank you for not being as bad as some others. We have a long journey ahead of us and I know you’ll be there whenever I need you the least



Dear JT,

Why thank you for understanding me! Hugs to you honey.

I know I can be a tad impolite, have poor timing, bring on pain amongst many other “emotions” but hey, I like to be heard. Your first challenge is succumbing to the fact that you need to understand me. Next challenge? Learn how to work me over to work my best for you. A few tips...this includes nutrition, exercise and you time.



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