Monthly Dear Period Story

Dear Period,

You ruined last summer. I couldn’t do anything because I had to skip out on so many activities. Keep in mind that this was all because of you and the pain you gave me.

But now, I’ve decided that you won’t stop me from having a good summer. Just because I’m bleeding doesn’t mean I won’t have fun and live a great summer. You’ve made me a strong woman, and I thank you for that.


Dear Summer Lovin’

Ruined it? Think again honey. I am just along for the ride shuga making you more of a woman every month. Do yourself a favor and never skip out on anything because of me. Embrace me and I will empower you. I know, doesn’t seem like a fair shake but that’s how I roll

This summer, do us both a favor: explore, expand and most importantly bleed because you can do anything bleeding. Let that sink in



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