Monthly Dear Period Story

Dear Period,

Even though I am only 14 I have had you for five years. These past five years were stressful enough without you around. But having you there reminded me that I was no longer a child. I was growing up. You helped me realize that and that has driven me to accept you even though you bring a lot of cramps, cravings, and pain.

I love you period, though it may not seem like it at times. You will always be there and I need to get over that.


Dear 14,

I know nine was early, but you were tough enough to handle it. You may not have known it then, but you know it now. Look at it this way, one week a month you do everything you always do but while you're bleeding! That's incredible and sort of like a super power, if you ask me. And super powers are bad-ass. Don't ever forget that.

You're friend,