Monthly Dear Period Story

Dear Period,

Why do you make me think I'm in love with  every guy that I see?  I do not need the stinky guy on the train just because his eyelashes are nice, and if a guy shows me a tiny bit of attention, it doesn't mean he loves me like I'm sad or alone.  But you don't need to remind me you already do enough!


Dear Love Bug,

It's hormones darlin'.  I'm responsible for coordinating them, but how you choose to interpret attention is on you.  Try keeping that in mind next time luscious eyelashes starts to swoon ya.  

Frickin' hormones - that can be your motto and I like that type of barrier.  Pretty sure you'll find humor in how much your frickin' hormones influence EVERYTHING you do.  So if you aren't tracking me, you should be.

And you're not alone, I'm here,


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